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            Vacuum furnace
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            Vacuum furnace needs your careful care

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            Vacuum furnace needs your careful care
            When it comes to the vacuum furnace, we all know that it is used for heating in the vacuum environment. In recent years, the use of the vacuum furnace has become more and more extensive. The vacuum furnace has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, energy consumption reduction and long service life, which are increasingly recognized by the majority of users. The technology of vacuum furnace is exquisite, so more routine preventive maintenance work is needed.
            1. Vacuum furnace is a kind of electronic equipment, which requires a clean working environment, but in fact, few manufacturers can do it. There are a lot of oil fume and dust. These dust and oil fume will corrode the circuit board when they enter the machine. Although they have been dipped in paint before leaving the factory, the pins of electronic components will produce leakage resistance for a long time, which will affect the normal working state of the vacuum furnace. It is also necessary to affect the service life of vacuum furnace. It is recommended to install exhaust fan in the harsh environment to discharge oil smoke and dust to the outside to avoid entering or entering the machine as little as possible. Also regularly clean the machine of dust.
            2. Precautions for vacuum furnace in summer: high temperature and humidity in summer. If the temperature of the cooling circulating water of the vacuum furnace is too low, it will condense on the cooling water box inside the machine and the secondary coil of the transformer of the high-frequency furnace, especially when the humidity is high, there will be water dripping. It is recommended that a circulating water tank or pool be continuously filled with cold water when the water temperature exceeds 30 ℃. If the temperature rise of the machine is too high, it is necessary to install fans to increase heat dissipation. In winter, the temperature is low, and the cooling water is easy to freeze, especially when the vacuum furnace works in the daytime and does not work in the evening, and the cooling water in the vacuum furnace is not drained in time, so it is easy to freeze the machine, generally, the secondary damage of the transformer in the high-frequency furnace is more. It's time-consuming and laborious to repair. It's limited by tools, equipment and site when it comes to the site. Generally, it can only be returned to the original factory for repair. The solution is to stop the high-frequency furnace, drain the circulating water left in the machine in time, or add a timing device to make the circulating water pump work intermittently. I have added many sets to the customer, and the effect is very good.
            3. The outer surface of the vacuum furnace shall be wiped frequently, and the operation shall be clean.
            4. Vacuum pump, valve, measuring instrument, thermal instrument, electrical components and other accessories shall be maintained and repaired according to the technical specifications of the product

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