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            Vacuum furnace
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            Safe operation of vacuum furnace

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            Safe operation of vacuum furnace:
            1. Vacuum heat treatment furnace is an advanced heat treatment equipment which has been greatly developed in recent years. The workpiece is heated and cooled in the ultra-low pressure space. It has the advantages of good quality, energy saving, safety and less pollution.
            2. The heating body of the vacuum furnace uses low-voltage power, but the power supply voltage is still 380V, so safe power is still needed during operation.
            3. When the vacuum furnace is manufactured, it shall be ensured that there is no air leakage or water leakage. The sealing of vacuum furnace body and furnace cover is made of rubber parts, so it needs to be cooled by water interlayer. If the water leaks into the furnace, the temperature of the furnace is very high, which will cause explosion. The workpieces treated by vacuum furnace shall be cleaned of oil stains on the surface, and the oil vapor from quenching oil tank shall not enter the furnace. When the oil vapor is mixed with air, it will form an explosive atmosphere. Once there is an open fire or power on, it will produce an explosion. Therefore, the furnace door shall be closed after the charging of the vacuum furnace, and the furnace can be electrified for heating only after the furnace is vacuumized.

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