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            Vacuum furnace
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            How to install and use vacuum furnace in electric furnace

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            1. According to the layout, installation location and civil construction conditions of vacuum furnace provided in the drawings, select the permanent installation site of the equipment and carry out civil construction. The installation site shall be free from smoke pollution, clean environment and dry air, and shall not be placed together with other equipment. The room temperature shall be kept at 10-35 ℃, and the ground shall be flat and smooth.
            2. When installing graphite electric heating element and water-cooled electrode, attention shall be paid to:
            A. take extreme care when handling graphite elements to prevent damage;
            B. tighten the bolts reliably to achieve good electrical contact, do not use too much force to avoid thread breakage.
            3. Position, assemble and connect the vacuum system with the furnace body according to the vacuum system diagram. Apply a thin layer of vacuum grease to the O-ring during assembly, and tighten the flange evenly.
            4. According to the water cooling system diagram, connect the water inlet pipe and drain pipe to the water inlet and outlet of the furnace respectively, and provide the water source with the pressure of 0.1-0.15mpa and the temperature of no less than 15 ℃ and no more than 30 ℃. It is better to provide circulating water and antirust water.
            5. Provide a pneumatic air source with a minimum pressure of 0.5MPa. Industrial nitrogen can be used. If compressed air is used, the pneumatic "three parts" (such as oil mist, pressure reducer and water separation air filter) shall be provided.
            6. Connect the pipeline to the recharging pipeline according to the recharging gas system diagram, and it is recommended to provide high-purity nitrogen with purity of 99.99% - 99.999% as the recharging gas.
            7. Connect the power supply to the corresponding electrical contact according to the electrical wiring diagram, check the power supply voltage, and connect the wires and cables between the control box, power box and furnace body.
            8. Install other parts, including conduit, measuring instrument, etc.
            9. The furnace body and control box are grounded, and the grounding resistance is ≤ 4 Ω. The gauge cables of instruments and vacuum meters should also be grounded.

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