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            Realizing "one key vacuum" in No.2 vacuum furnace of No.3 Steelmaking branch

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            Realizing "one key vacuum" in No.2 vacuum furnace of No.3 Steelmaking branch
            Recently, No.2 vacuum furnace of No.3 branch of WISCO steelmaking plant has successfully realized "one key vacuum", which is another automatic steelmaking technology breakthrough after the realization of "one key desulfurization", "one key steelmaking" and "vacuum one key decarbonization" technologies.
            Click the "start" button on the main screen of "one button vacuum" of No. 2 vacuum furnace in the plant, and the pump system and driving gas flow regulation will be automatically adjusted along with the liquid steel treatment process. "One key vacuum" technology not only reduces the labor intensity of operators, reduces the incidence of misoperation, but also creates conditions for the optimization of post personnel, the combination of post and responsibility, the reduction of staff and efficiency, and can more effectively improve the level of "two modernizations".

            In order to shorten the period of vacuum smelting, improve the level of vacuum automation and simplify the post operation, the plant will write "one key vacuum" into the "eight major events" of the general steelmaking plant in 2012 to tackle key problems. Through the cooperation of professional, technical, equipment and other departments, the implementation of program transformation, the preparation of control procedures and operation interface, repeated debugging, vacuum 2 successfully achieved the "one key vacuum" of the first-class machine. (Steel Union)

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