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            Vacuum furnace
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            Preparation work and production operation procedures before use of vacuum furnace

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            Preparation work and production operation procedures before use of vacuum furnace
            Preparation before use of vacuum furnace
            1. Check whether all electrical appliances are normal.
            2. Check whether the water circuit, water pressure and flow meet the requirements.
            3. Check whether the vacuum pump and vacuum system are normal.
            4. Check whether the control cabinet, temperature measuring instrument and indicator light are normal.
            5. Thoroughly clean the processed workpieces with alcohol or gasoline
            6. All workpieces, tooling, baskets, etc. entering the furnace shall be cleaned and dried.
            7. Clean the oxide skin and sundries in the furnace with a vacuum cleaner.
            8. Use silk cloth or wool fabric dipped in alcohol or gasoline to wipe the sealing place of furnace door and furnace cover.
            9. The workpiece shall be placed stably and shall not be scattered or distorted during operation and blowing.
            Production and operation regulations of vacuum furnace
            1. Start the power supply and set the switch of the control cabinet at the automatic control position.
            2. Input the parameters of the process specification into the computer.
            3. Send the workpiece to the furnace smoothly with the loading trolley.
            4. Close and lock the furnace door (cover) to ensure sealing.
            5. Select the cooling medium, cooling method and pressure according to the process requirements.
            6. Press the circulation start button, and the equipment will execute the program: vacuumizing, heating and cooling will be completed automatically.
            7. Check whether all systems of the equipment operate normally at any time, and report to the foreman for handling in case of any abnormality.
            8. Before discharging, restore the normal pressure in the furnace, and open the furnace door (cover) after the indicator light is normal.
            9. When unloading, operate carefully, and the workpiece and tooling shall not collide with the furnace mouth.

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